About NC ILC

North Carolina I-Liq Chuan

Master Sam Chin made his first trip to NC in Feb. 2005.  The NC ILC group formed soon afterwards to devote weekly practices to studying I-Liq Chuan. Sifu Chin returns to NC twice a year to give workshops, check on the group's progress, and advance the group's understanding. Several members of the NC group also travel to see Sifu Chin in NY for additional training.

Ben Fisher - Chief Instructor of North Carolina ILC

Sifu Ben Fisher is a disciple of the Co-Founder of I Liq Chuan, Master Sam Chin. He is a certified level 2 instructor and has been teaching in the Triangle for more than 5 years. In addition to I Liq Chuan Sifu Ben has studied Arnis, Chen and Yang Tai Chi, and several health qi gong sets. Ben is currently a Doctoral student in the Elon University Physical Therapy program.